Our Origins

From our pack to yours

Welcome to Flora and Fauna!

My name is Molly McEachern and I am the owner of Flora and Fauna.

My journey into making my treats started when I decided to get my puppy, Flora. Prior to her arrival, I scoured the internet for information on brands to trust, and I always felt I was coming up short of a good answer. This prompted me to take matters into my own hands, and gave me control over the ingredients I wanted to see in my pup's diet.

I know there are other pet parents out there who struggle to find whole food treats and do not trust larger scale companies, and at Flora and Fauna you can trust that every treat is made with love and care, and you know every single ingredient going into them.

Since beginning the journey into treats, I've found a passion in branching out across many avenues relating to the dog-mom lifestyle many of us know so well. Bandanas, apparel, and care products are the latest steps in expanding Flora and Fauna into the lifestyle brand I know it to be, representing myself and all the parts of the dog community that I love.