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Flora and Friends Dog Walking Service

The dog walking service you've been waiting for

It can be hard to find someone you trust enough to watch your fur babies, but it's not impossible. Well, at least it isn't anymore!

Flora and Friends is a flexible and professional service that prioritizes safety, routine, exercise, and enrichment!

A walk with Flora and Friends will always include canine stretches, structured walking, positive reinforcement, and time for decompression.

We will never charge you for services like feeding meals or request you pay for your own treats. These features are complimentary and allow for the utmost convenience for working dog owners.


Flora and Friends offers these following services. If you are looking for a service that isn't available here, please reach out to us directly on our Contact page!


Dog Walking

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Pet Sitting

Get your dog's steps in!

Dog walking is available in 30, 45, and 60 minute intervals and take place in your neighbourhood or a nearby trail.

All structured walks begin with light stretching and some easy tricks to focus your dog. On the walk, they will be walked in a heel and rewarded for their good behaviours. Your dog will get a brief potty break at the beginning of the walk (maybe two depending on the length of the walk), but will otherwise be encouraged to engage in walking and working. The last 5-10 minutes will be used for sniffing, potty, and decompression.

The option is given to owners whether they would like a structured or unstructured walk.

Pricing: $20 for 30 minutes, $25 for 45 minutes, $30 for 60 minutes.

Contact us to schedule your dog's next walk with us via the link below.

For peace of mind

Occasional and limited pet sitting available. Contact us through our Contact Us page linked below.